My family and I were very lucky to be a part
of these celebrations.  On the Friday of the celebration
I was an usher at St. Andrew Church for the
"Great Big Sing" which was a huge success.

On Saturday we took part in the "Encampment" in which we were
dressed in period costume and wre stationed at a
log cabin that was built to simulate the first homes of the
Hector Settlers, we went about the day as the settlers
would have and were on hand to answer any
questions that the public had!!

Later in the afternoon on Saturday, we were very lucky
to have been invited to a special wedding that took place
on board the "Hector" replica.  We of course went to the reception,
but were too bushed to make it to the dance.

Sunday was quiet for us, I had to work but hubby took Erica
down to the encampment, she had more fun down there than I've
seen in a long time.  That evening we went to a reception for all the
sponsors of the Celebration and we had been asked to put
 something in a Time Capsule that will be opened at the
250th  Hector Celebrations!!  Erica and Scott had their picture
taken for the Evening News, a local newspaper.

And the Grand Finale of course was the re-enactment of the
landing of the Ship Hector on Tuesday Sept. 15,
the exact anniversary of the 225th landing.
We gathered out on Brown's Point, the site of the landing of the ship
and were towed out in a boat to "hide" behind one of the
old railway bridge columns and on our signal,
a shot from one of the guns of the 84th Regiment,
we began rowing into shore to a great crowd of people which
included the re-enactors of the 84th, some of the trekkers who
actually walked from Truro to meet us!!!
As well the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, his wife,
many other diginitaries and a great crowd watched as we
landed on Pictou's shore after our harrowing "journey"
across the Atlantic.  This is something that I will never
forget and am so glad that I was able to be a part of!

After the landing there was a really nice reception for all involoved
in making the Hector 225 Celebrations a success and there I met
the Lietenant Governor and his wife, he gave me one of his pins,
he actually took it off of his wife to give it to me!!!

We did not make it to the Tatoo, the kids were just too tired,
but we heard it was really great!!

This is certainly something that none of us will forget for a long time!!

To all those who were involved in making
the Hector 225 happen....