The Hector Heritage Quay is a museum built to honor and preserve the passengers aboard the ship Hector.  It has been called one of Nova Scotia's most important heritage developments.

Exterior of the Interpretive Centre
The Quay houses an interpretive centre and a walk through tour of displays depicting life onboard the Hector and early settlement of the Pictou area.

One of the many interpretive displays

Also, a full scale reproduction of the ship Hector is being built on site in much the same way it would have been built in the 1700's

Reconstruction of the Hector

Below is a scale model of the same style of ship as the Hector

Scale model of the ship being built

The Hector Interpretive Centre is open from mid-May until October and it is hoped that the construction of the ship Hector will be finished by the year 2000.

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